2-in-1 Track Profile: used for the installation with a stretch ceiling system and also serves as a track for the SMART system. It can be cut to any desired length. A set of end caps, as well as an internal decorative insert, are included in the delivery set.

The SMART ONE track profile comes with a Harpoon-type attachment system. Suitable for installing PVC film ceilings. Not compatible with fabric stretch ceilings. Doesn't require the purchase of a separate track for light installation. Power supply and connectors are purchased separately.

In order to connect a few profiles, it should be used the next elements: TR/EU-3043-AL for straight connections and TR/EU-2027-AL for 90-degree connections (profile sections should be cut at a 45-degree angle beforehand).

Material: Aluminum

Height (mm): 51

Length (mm): 2000

Width (mm): 62

Base color: Black

Where to buy

Where to buy